Pedro Sanchez, Jr

“He realized that in order to Lead, you have to Learn, and in order to influence you have to live-out what you believe. Making “Learn, Live, Lead.” a core value of BlueX. “


~ Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker for the
John Maxwell Team
~ Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach
~Book author of
¡Adiós Deudas! - More info in Spanish

Mr. Pedro Sanchez a speaker, teacher, leader, entrepreneur and Founder of BlueX. Raised in Holyoke Massachusetts in a family of five. Early in his adolescents his parents separated, resulting in financial challenges for the family. Unbeknownst to him and everyone around him, this occurrence ignited the fuel to his drive. By the age of 13 he was working three jobs to fulfill the promise of buying his mother her first living room set. This self-proclaimed challenge taught him that with hard work and determination much is accomplished. This also ignited a desire in him to rise above poverty, more-so add value to his family in any way possible and ultimately evolved into his life’s’-mission.

He dedicated his time and energy to inspire those around him, to reach their greatest potential. Although from an early age he battled introversion, he was driven by vision and was able to strategize his every move. He boldly proclaimed to his mom that one day, not far away he would be his own boss, and would teach others to defy their limited believes, and escape poverty! He made sure he emphasized that he would attain all of this while wearing smile, a tie, and a suit. His mother knew that her son was destined for greatness so she nurtured his dream by always imparting words of possibilities, encouragement and faith.

As he began to defy his inhibition, he noticed he was becoming influential within his circle of friends. Soon after was giving the opportunity to mentor his peers, and as a young man was hand selected to teach in the professional sector of machine technology. He also stood out within his faith based community and was giving a vote of confidence to participate in leadership conferences, and facilitate workshops. Although teaching work-strategies was the task at hand, he shared a common goal with his mom, and that was, and has been, to impart encouragement, hope, and faith to all those he comes in contact with. Throughout the major stages in life he was offered what he considered unmerited opportunities, however every step of the way this molded his leadership capacity.

As he developed in his career and was immersed in leadership training he was captivated by a young lady named Sheila Enid Morales. After years of courtship, she became his wife, and what he now likes to call “his incubator.” Not only did she bring to life his two beautiful children Julie Ann, and Pedro Abdiel Sanchez, but she has been an intricate part in further protecting, and nurturing, his hopes and dreams.

Early in his career he had an ‘aha’ moment, where he realized there was wisdom in delaying professional and lucrative opportunities to sharpen his industry fundamentals, skills and leadership abilities. He learned to live by the principals that sacrifices early-on would result in future gain. He developed a character of integrity, competency, and commitment, which snowballed into a variety of great opportunities.

Nevertheless he was aware of two major blind spots; his limited believes, and circle of influence.  He worked tirelessly to be purposeful with his relationships and defied his believes by acquiring and applying knowledge through his formal and informal studies.  He realized that in order to Lead, you have to Learn, and in order to influence you have to live-out what you believe. Making “Learn, Live, Lead.” a core value of BlueX. 

Mr. Sanchez has not found success without opposition and strife.  Being a young leader and teacher caused naysayers to discredit and at times undervalue his abilities.  However he seized every challenge and turned it into an opportunity to evolve and become the best version of himself.   His counsel to those that are striving to find purpose and success as professionals, employees, or within their circle of influence is to: see your dreams and desires; embrace your gifts and abilities; recognize weaknesses as opportunities; prepare a plan that encompasses short and long term goals; implement your action plan; continuously re-evaluate your goals and make adjustments accordingly; and through it all– build discipline.  He is a living example that limited beliefs don’t have to manifest as your true-self, and with hard work one can overcome barriers and reach a full potential.